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Dear All,

Greetings, I hope Spring has arrived wherever you are. This Window will still be dedicated to celebrating Nowruz/Spring in Iran. Let’s start with the official version:

Official Nowruz Celebrations

While some clerics called for a cancellation of Nowruz celebrations this year, Mr. Ahmadinejad’s government made a big display of the new year festivities. The move was presumably aimed at  distancing the government from the less than popular clerics and bringing it closer to the popular sentiments. Whether this was successful or not, it led to some visually striking haftsins (Nowruz table) reconstructions like this one in parks:

The Prominent Conservative Cleric refuses to Apologize

The political scene was nowhere as neat and rosy as the above haftsin would suggest. Ayatollah Vahid Khorasani, the conservative cleric who had voiced sharp criticism of the government refused to take it back despite the pressure. “I thought long and hard about what I said,” he declared “and am not going to change it.” Read more on this here

Long Live Shirazis! Special Nowruz Celebration in Shiraz

Unofficial Nowruz celebrations had more political flavor — of the anti-government kind. One such gathering was held at the tomb of major poet of Shiraz, Hafiz. His tomb draws thousands of Iranian and international visitors throughout the year. The clip I have posted below, was sent to me by a dear friend from Shiraz with a three-word commentary: “long live Shirazis!” This year’s new year begun way after midnight. despite the timing, thousands of Shirazis gathered around the tomb of Hafiz to greet the new year while renewing their vow to bring democracy to Iran:

A Musical Nowruz Celebration

Below is a song by a young Iranian group called “Ajam Band.” What they sing is a combination of rap singing and and intentionally exaggerated playful folk lyrics set to a traditional Nowruz tune:

President Obama’s Nowruz Message to Iran

Still on the topic of Nowruz, President Obama sent another message to Iranian. If his previous Nowruz message was shared with Iranians only partially, this one will be censored in full:

Image of the Week

Someone had fun with snow in Iran, ask a friend who knows Persian to read and translate it for you:

This Week’s Visual Delight

Our painter of the week, Neda Moin Afshari was born in 1981. She has a B.A. in painting from University of Science & Culture . Below, I post three of Neda’s mixed media drawings exhibited in Elaheh Gallery in Tehran in 2009. A permanent member of the Iranian Society of Painters, Neda’s works have been widely exhibited in individual and group exhibitions particularly popular with galleries in Tehran. Furthermore, Neda’s painting was selected in international competition, “Human Habitation” London 2009 Exhibitions. With that in mind, I hope you enjoy the mixed media works of Neda I post for you here:

(Neda Moin Afshari, 1981-)

And this one:

And the third:

Have a great week,


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