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Today’s sad news is that three more Iranian journalists were arrested. In a more positive development, thousands of people turned up in and around a mosque in Tehran to commemorate an anniversary.  The occasion turned into a rally in support of Mr. Mousavi with thousands of people chanting his name. Mr. Karrubi who was present walked with the marchers. But Mr. Mousavi, who was apparently in the vicinity, did not make it to the mosque due to the size of the crowd. He did speak to them by phone. Apparently, his wife Zahra Rahnavard was in the crowd as well.



Today’s Peaceful Demonstration in Ghoba Mosque in Tehran




Karrubi Joins the Demonstrators and Mousavi Speaks to them through a Mobile phone and Loud Speaker






More clips of Today’s demonstrations at Ghoba Mosque


* These clips have been arriving all day today. I am sure there are overlaps. But I decided not to delete any: http://news.gooya.com/didaniha/archives/2009/06/090082.php.



Attacks on the Ghoba Mosque Rally


* As people returned from the above peaceful rally, they got attacked by the riot police. This is despite the fact that they had obtained the required permit for the gathering. I don’t have many details on the attack yet.



Rumors of Mousavi’s Arrest


* Mr. Mousavi’s facebook has denied the rumors that he has been arrested or is under house arrest. However, the site admits that he is under enormous pressure to accept the results of the election and adds that he will not do so.



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