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The sign reads: “Hear the Loudness in the Cry of Silence!”

The sign reads: “Hear the Loudness in the Cry of Silence!”

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The pace of events in Iran has slowed down. The mood is not jubilant. But the “green movement” is not defeated either. An eye witness talking to people picnicking in a park in Tehran, described the calm as a layer of ash covering burning charcoals. Last week, before the major crackdown, Tehran witnessed a massive silent rally. The majority of Iranians grow up with poetry. They are familiar with the poetic power of silence. Many of the banners carried messages that showed this awareness. I picked one image from a silent marcher who carried a sign with a beautiful line of poetry (see image and translation to the right).


As the government works to push the struggle for freedom from the streets to jails, a new (but powerful) kind of silence needs to be recognized and given voice. Many poets, musicians and artists have already started to do that.



“Iran, the Land of Hope” Maestro Shajarian Sings a New Song


* Here is a song gifted to the new Iran emerging from the 2009 election by the one of the greatest musicians of present day Iran, Mohamad Reza Shajarian. And he rightly calls it “Iran, the land of hope.” Enjoy:




Makhmalbaf’s New Message to Mr. Mousavi


* Mr. Mousavi’s  Facebook has posted a new video today with a message addressed to Mr. Mousavi delivered by the renowned Iranian film maker, Mohsen Makhmalbaf, on behalf of Iranians who have contacted the latter. The main thrust of this message is that Mr. Mousavi should not wait for obtaining a permit from the government to revive public gatherings and rallies.




Internal Economic Strategies of Isolating the Government


* Letters are circulating in Iran with recommendations for economic measures to weaken the grip of Mr. Ahmadinejad’s government on power. The recommendations include


1. Refusing to give ads to the state run TV, and newspapers serving as the voice of the government.


2. Pulling out money invested in banks and financial institutions run by the government or by the revolutionary guards.


3. Refraining from contributing to the charity boxes scattered throughout towns all across the country.



Short Clip of a Pick up Truck Driving into Crowds on June 23


* Mr. Mousavi’s Facebook has posted a very short video clip showing a pick up truck driving into a large crowd of peaceful demonstrators:




Two More Grand Ayatollahs Speak up Against the Regime


* So far, at least three Grand Ayatollahs (all with substantial followings) had spoken against the behavior of the government towards those objecting to the conduct of the election: Ayatollahs Montazeri, Sanei, and Safi Golpaigani. Two more strong voices have now been added:                                                      


a.  Grand Ayatollah Bayat-Zanjani has declared that, according to the constitution, people have a right to public assembly.  The burden is on the government to address peoples’ legitimate demands.  If the government does not do so, it will have committed malfeasance (khalaaf) and is responsible.  (Quick and abbreviated translation from Farsi). Full article here: http://bayatzanjani.net/fa/faq/question-112.html.


b. Ayatollah Mousavi-Ardebili has said that “we should not silence people by using brute force.” Link here:  http://news.gooya.com/politics/archives/2009/06/089997.php



Irandokht Celebrates Iranian Women’s Participation in the Move toward Social Change


* Before closing this window, visit the latest Irandokht news site: http://www.irandokht.com/. It celebrates the lively participation of Iranian women in the leap toward social change.



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